All orders must be submitted, at least, one week prior to delivery/pick-up.

These price lists supersede and cancel all previous lists.  Prices and availability of all stock offered in this list are subject to change without notice.  Special offers or discounts are good only in the effective date of the price list.

Delivery must be taken during that period.  Special offers or coupons cannot be combined with other discounts.

All prices are F.O.B. our nursery.  We can arrange trucking for your nursery stock at reasonable rates.  All stock travels at purchaser's risk and expense.

All invoice balances are due in full at time of pickup or delivery.

30% deposit with order and balance when plants are received.  No cancellations of orders after plants have been dug.

Limited warranty - We guarantee our plants are well grown and free of disease.  No adjustments will be considered unless we are notified of a claim within (5) five days of receipt of plants.  Our liability does not exceed the original purchase price.

We recommend, according to the American Nursery Standards, that all stock leaving our nursery be tied down and tarped.

We cannot be held responsible for plant material not picked up within (7) seven days after notification that order is ready.

We can furnish a one-year warranty for the cost of plants only at an additional charge.

Anything put on these web pages can be changed without notice.  Anything currently on these pages supersedes the previous versions.

Any personal information collected, will never be sold or given to anyone.  It will be used for our business purposes only.

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