Colorado Spruce (Blue)

(Picea Pungens)


The colorado spruce becomes 50 or more feet tall after 35 to 50 years.  Spruces are at their finest grown freestanding in an open space where their natural beauty will increase as the years pass.  They are superb windbreaks and privacy screens because their needles cling for many years and accumulate to thicken the foliage.  Their color ranges from dark green to bright green to bluish green to bright blue.  They grow well in moist soil, yet are able to survive in light dry soil if they are watered frequently for the first few years while their roots become established.  Pruning is rarely needed because of their natural symmetry.  An occasional wayward branch can be removed with hand clippers.


Dug & Balled


Park Grade

subject  to availability

Ball Size


3 ft. 4 ft.




4 ft. 5 ft.




5 ft. 6 ft.




6 ft. 7 ft.




7 ft. 8 ft.