Planting Instructions

  1. Dig hole twice as wide as the root ball.  Loosen soil in bottom.  Mix soil and planting mix ˝ and ˝.  We also recommend adding water-absorbing hydro-gels, like Soil Moist, for added water-holding capacity.
  2. Remove plant from plastic or metal container.  If balled in burlap, cut top string only.  Do not remove burlap or wire basket.  Be sure to fold down the “dog ears” of the basket as to avoid hitting it with the lawnmower later.
  3. If potted in fiber container, cut side of container carefully in 2 or 3 places.
  4. Plant root ball so that its top is at or slightly above surrounding soil level.  Do not plant too deeply.
  5. Tamp soil mix firmly around the root ball, eliminating all air pockets.
  6. Make deep basin of soil to retain water around the entire hole.  Water thoroughly once weekly for the first year.
  7. Watering:  place a hose at the base of the tree and allow a trickle of water to flow for at least 15 minutes.  A deep thorough watering occasionally, is better than a constant shallow watering done by sprinkler systems.
  8. We also recommend adding bone meal to encourage root growth.
  9. Mulch deeply, after initial watering, to help keep the soil moist.
  10. Fertilize lightly each early spring after the first year.


Note:  For a tree 5 ft. and taller, we recommend a tree stake or guy wire to protect against wind damage.